Director’s Dish for February 2017

It’s February!!!!


At the beginning part of this month, the children will be studying various themes surrounding love, friendship, kindness, caring and sharing.  Classrooms will explore the qualities that make up a good friend, how to check on one another, being sensitive to the needs of others, using kind words and kind actions. We can certainly all use a little bit of kindness in our lives. As adults, we model this for young children daily and it is an important message for them. Most children are born with sympathy, yet in their daily interactions they are able to practice the skills necessary to show empathy to others. Know that opportunities such as these occur in the classroom for your child daily! Each classroom is planning parties on the 14th and we hope you can join us.


Beginning February 20th, the entire center will be studying community helpers.  We are excited to be bringing the Aggie bus, a UPD police car, and a fire engine to the center for the children.  We would love to have parents come and talk about that they do for a living and we are also interested in having others come to speak to the children. Please speak  to your child’s teacher about coming in. The children are always beaming with pride when their parent comes in to share with their friends. The unit will last until Friday, March 10th, so there is plenty of time!



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