Director’s Dish for November 2016

Welcome to November!

The weather is cooling off and we will continue to explore and discover the wonders of our environment. The classrooms will be immersed this month in a variety of topics from fall to farm animals to families to food and culture. Our big event this month will be our Unity Feast in which each family is encour-aged to join their child’s classroom for lunch and to bring in your favorite dish from your culture. This is one of our favorite events as the halls smell so wonderful and we are able to partake in so many delicious offerings. The children love having their parents join their friends for the feast and it is a wonderful way to con-nect both the home and school environments.

Now that the temperatures are becoming cooler, we would like to remind you to supply a light jacket or longer pants. Also, the children are growing so fast and many of their summer changes of clothing need to be exchanged for warmer selections in their new sizes. If you have donations of clothing at home and there are no younger siblings to wear them, we wel-come them for times when a child may not have enough clothing after an accident. We also LOVE donated shoes and coats, as we never have enough for children who may have soiled theirs. You may leave this with your child’s teacher or with the front desk.


Kisha Lee


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