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What curriculum do you use?

We use a combination of the Project Approach to learning as well as Reggio-inspired frameworks.  The teachers plan stimulating lessons and activities based on the children’s interests and plan projects or studies that the children are engaged in from one to three weeks. Each of the units allow the children to explore, ask questions, make hypotheses, and discover their own answers. This includes all of the disciplines: art, math, science, social studies/history, music, literature, physical education and computers (for children ages 3 through 5). Each unit also has many hands-on components to extend their learning and to allow them opportunities to investigate materials and to interact with their peers in small or whole group settings. We also invite in experts to teach more in-depth information on the topics and sometimes the children, or members of their families, are the expert!

May I place my child on the waitlist if I am not affiliated with  Texas A&M University but will be in the near future?

 No. To apply for enrollment at the center at least one of the child’s guardians must be affiliated with Texas A&M University as a faculty or staff member or as an enrolled student.

I am a student at A&M, does that mean I have a guaranteed spot?

Unfortunately, it does not. You may receive priority on our waitlist, but that is only if we have not met our student requirement spots for the year.

I work for the System office. Can I enroll my child?

At this time, we are only able to provide care for children of those affiliated with the main campus.

Can you tell me what number I am on the waitlist?

It is nearly impossible to give out accurate “numbers” for the waitlist, as it is a fluid list based on many factors. Many families who are on the waitlist may graduate or relocate and we do not know until we attempt to contact them to offer enrollment. There are also times when siblings of currently enrolled children, children of BGCC staff and children of military or veteran families may join the waitlist.

I can appreciate that things change frequently. But can you tell me what number I am on the waitlist?

Since we cannot provide accurate information about placement on the waitlist, we do not provide “numbers.” However, when we are enrolling for the fall, we can usually tell you based on a “best guess” estimate whether you will be offered enrollment for the fall semester, or afterwards.

What ages do you care for?

The Center is open to children age 12 months through 5 years. Children who turn five years old before September 1st must withdraw by mid-August.  The Center does not offer a kindergarten program and with our limited space we cannot allow children who are eligible for kindergarten to remain enrolled.

Do both parents have to be affiliated with A&M?

 No, only one parent needs to be affiliated with Texas A&M University as a faculty or staff member or as an enrolled student.

How many children do you take a year?

 This number depends on how many children are leaving our program each semester, either due to their parents relocating for other university opportunities or due to children who are graduating from our program and matriculating to kindergarten.

I am looking for a job. Are you currently hiring?

 If you are a student, check out jobsforaggies.tamu.edu.You can find our current openings there. If you are applying for a full-time teaching position, check out https://jobpath.tamu.edu/

Do you make accommodations for children who have special dietary needs, such as vegan diets or those with allergies?

 Yes we do. We have a special allergy and dietary policy and try to accommodate children based on their health needs.

How many children are you licensed for?

 We are licensed for 165 children.

Do faculty or staff receive priority on your wait list?

No, they do not. There are four reasons someone might receive priority at the center.

  • If the child has a parent that has worked at the Becky Gates Children’s Center for more than a year.
  • If the child has siblings that are currently enrolled at the center.
  • If the TAMU-affiliated parent is a veteran or in active military service in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • If the parent is a currently enrolled student, and we have student discount openings.

How long does it take for a child to be enrolled in your school?

That depends largely on demand at the time. It can range anywhere from 2 months to over 2 years. We understand it is a frustrating process. The average time is 18 months.  If you have any questions contact Krista Van De Flier at 979-458-5437.

If you have any questions regarding the waitlist,  you may also email info@bgcc.tamu.edu