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Hours and testFees

Monday-Friday   7:30 a.m-5:30 p.m.

The Center follows the TAMU holiday calendar for closings.  In addition, we are closed for staff in-service days throughout the year.  Please see the center Annual Calendar for dates.

Tuition and Fees

test2Tuition is based on the staffing and facilities that we must have available in order to care properly for your child.  Therefore, if your child does not attend during all of the contracted times, for any reason, tuition is NOT reduced.  No reduction is given for unexpected closings, holidays, severe weather closings, absences, vacations, or domestic problems.

Semester parent agreements are completed with the monthly charges and any discounts or scholarship credits applied. Families are responsible for the balance of the semester contract. If the family chooses to withdraw prior to the end of the Center semester, the family is still responsible for the balance due on the semester contract.

Tuition is based on the classroom, not on the child’s actual age.  For example, your child may turn three while still in the classroom which maintains a teacher/child ratio of a classroom with two year olds.  In that case, you would be charged the two year olds tuition until your child moves up to the three’s class.

Staff and Faculty Monthly Tuition Rates

EFFECTIVE Sept 1, 2018
Insect Wing
(12-23 months)
$890 per month
Bird Wing $755 per month
Sea and Rainforest Wings $710 per month

Student Rate

test3Thanks to the generosity of the Student Affairs Fee Advisory Board (SAFAB), we are able to offer a discounted childcare rate for 77 children of TAMU students (approximately 40% of our enrollment).  The student rate is a $100.00 reduction in childcare tuition per month.  Student parents will be asked for documentation of TAMU student status prior to the start of each semester to receive the student rate.

Once the student-headed slots are filled, we cannot offer the student rate to another family until a student-headed family withdraws.  If a student-headed family is offered a slot after the 71 children of students are enrolled, the family must pay the full rate until a student slot is vacated.  Waitlisted student-headed families will be selected for the student rate based on their original waitlist application date.

TAMU Student Monthly Childcare Rates

EFFECTIVE Sept 1, 2018
Insect Wing
(12-23 months)
$790 per month
Bird Wing $655 per month
Forest and Sea Wings $610 per month


Fees for all families

  • At the time of enrollment, a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 is required.
  • A semester material fee of $50.00 per child is charged in September, January and June ($25 for Insect Wing).

Also, the Center has the following fees which are incurred in certain situations:

  • The late payment fee is $5.00 per day payment is late per charge.
  • A late pickup fee of $5.00 is incurred for every 5 minutes (or portion thereof) that a parent is late in picking up a child past the designated pickup time.  The pickup time is 5:30 p.m.
  • A returned check fee of $30.00 is assessed for every check or electronic withdrawal returned by your bank .  In addition, if the return causes your payment to be late, you are also assessed the appropriate late payment fee.
  • A $40 Graduation Fee is charged in April to those children graduating from our program. This fee helps subsidize the graduation gowns and refreshments.  There is assistance available for this fee.