You can complete our on-line waitlist application  (payment by debit or credit card).

To be placed on our wait list, a completed wait list application must be submitted with a $50.00 non-refundable payment.  At least one parent must be affiliated with TAMU and have an UIN at the time of wait list submission.  Placement on the waiting list is determined according to the date we receive your completed application form.  There are four exceptions.  Priority is given to children who:

  • Are the dependents of a Children’s Center staff member who’ve been employed at the Center for at least one year.
  • Are the siblings of a child currently enrolled in the Center.
  • Are the dependents of a TAMU Affiliate who is a veteran or currently serving in the US Armed Forces.

Most openings occur at the end of the semester unless an unforeseen emergency comes up. Each semester parents will express their intent to continue enrollment, and it is not until all parents have expressed this that we know how many spots will be open for the next semester. Most withdrawals occur at the end of the summer semester, when our pre-kindergarten students  leave for kindergarten. During this time we typically enroll around 50 new children.

The ages in the classes typically range from two-four months, allowing for the most consistency in the rooms. Therefore the kids are not moved when they turn older, they will instead move with their class.

  • When we contact you to offer you a space, you will be given 48 hours to make a decision to accept or decline the space.  We understand that this time is short, however, we are trying to move through the process in a timely fashion so that waitlist families have their wait shortened.


  • If you accept the space, the Center will send a confirmation of enrollment email message indicating the start date of enrollment.  The $100.00 non-refundable registration fee must be submitted to the Center by the deadline given in the email message to ensure enrollment.


  • If you do not pick up the packet by the deadline, we will attempt to contact the family.  If no contact is made within 48 hours, the space will be offered to the next family on the list and your child will be removed from the waitlist.


  • If offered a space and the family declines, the family will be removed from the waitlist. If the family wants the child to remain on the list, a new waitlist application with payment must be submitted.  On the date of payment, the child will be added to the waitlist as of that date.


(For more information about fees, see our Hours and Fees page.)

We understand that the waiting list can be very frustrating.  In the Bryan/College Station area, families often have difficulty finding a space in a quality program. If you have additional questions about the waitlist, please contact us at 979-458-5437 or by emailing us at info@bgcc.tamu.edu